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Blissimo Beauty Therapy Logo Design

Business Objective

Blissimo Beauty Therapy is an established beauty therapist based in Haywards Heath. They were moving away from being a mobile beauty therapist, to building their own brand new beauty salon, and wanted to develop their brand to bring it together with a cohesive look and feel.

Though this project started as a web design project, we quickly established the need to establishing a cohesive brand image for Blissimo before doing anything else.

What we did

We understood that Blissimo Beauty Therapy did not have a logo as such, and the branding was reliant on the incredible service that Becky, the owner provides and word of mouth, rather than a consistent brand. After initial conversations about building a new website, we knew that we had to first establish a brand image that would reflect the quality, care and attention that Blissimo Beauty prides itself on so we created a colour scheme and logo in tune with Becky’s vision.

Stuart Cooper
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  • Client Blissimo Beauty Therapy
  • Date 14th February 2018
  • Tags Branding, Logo Design